Sliding into Fall: Successful Transitions

August 3, 2015Miriam Chilton

With the end of summer approaching and the high holidays just around the corner, it can feel like a moment of transition from our extraordinary summer lives – vacation, camp, and family time – to our ordinary lives – work, school, and busy schedules for everyone.  But, there is actually something holy in these moments of transitions.  As Jews, we celebrate the transition of moments in time: lifecycle events mark the transitions from who we were to who we will become, the transition in and out of Shabbat, and even the transition between day and night.  This moment in time, right now, is similar.   And our Judaism informs us that this is the season to begin thinking about how we manage, celebrate, and create holiness in our lives, not just during the summer, but year round.  The month of Elul, beginning this Sunday, reminds us that we must honor this past season and year and bring those experiences forward with us into the new season and New Year.    

One of the ways in which we prepare ourselves for the high holidays, is to sound the Shofar. The shofar is a powerful reminder of our Judaism and of the call that lies deep within us to strive to be the best possible version of ourselves.  We need to remember that our Judaism can help us hear what is deep within us and answer the call to how we can best live our lives in balance and harmony.  This is what our teens and young adults yearn for.

As we transition from summer lets work together to make sure we provide meaningful relationships and programs that guide our youth to act with integrity and responsibility to better themselves, their communities and the world.

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