URJ and Israel: Post-October 7th Updates and Resources

March 28, 2024

Our hearts are with the people of Israel at this difficult time and we pray for the safety and immediate release of all of the hostages.

Learn more about the URJ's longstanding positions on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and our Israel programs and engagement opportunities.

The Moment We Are In, The Future We Pray For

With an eye toward the future we envision, we offer these steps we hope Israelis and Palestinians will take at this moment of intense challenge and deep pain. 

Statement from the Reform Movement with Israeli flag and URJ Logo

Bound Together for Good: Sermon by Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Read and watch Rabbi Rick Jacobs' sermon, delivered during Shabbat morning services at the URJ's 150th anniversary gathering.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Photo by Theo Hansen




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Israel: A Toolkit

At the URJ, we aim to provide you with timely tools you can use in your congregations and communities. In this moment, we know that resources for discussing and understanding Israel are more important than ever.

Staying Connected with Our Loved Ones Even When we Disagree 

Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s ongoing response has stirred emotions both within and outside the Jewish community. Over the next weeks, as family and friends gather for holiday celebrations, there may be differences of opinion. Here are a few tips from Jewish sources to help maintain loving relationships while disagreeing.