Israel: A Toolkit

Rachel Margolis, RJE
At the URJ, we aim to provide you with timely tools you can use in your congregations and communities. In this moment, we know that resources for discussing and understanding Israel are more important than ever.

5784 Hanukkah Message from Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
A central theme of Hanukkah is Jewish sovereignty. To commemorate our independence and express our Jewish pride, we light our hanukkiyot publicly after sundown each night – outside in public spaces, or in a window or doorway at home. Doing so allows others to see the candles shining in the darkness, symbolizing the open expression of our Jewish identity.

Responding to Antisemitism: A Toolkit

Rachel Margolis, RJE
Since the attacks on October 7, antisemitism has increased exponentially throughout the world. On North American college campuses, students are facing antisemitism at an alarming rate. Here are five tips designed to help you keep your community secure and support your families during this unprecedented time.

Honoring our Smallest Congregations on a Road Trip

Gabby Kozak
This summer, Rabbi Jeff Glickman and his wife, Mindy Glickman, volunteered to visit our smallest and most remote URJ congregations (those with 150 households or fewer) on their RV travels across North America.

Staying Connected with Our Loved Ones Even When we Disagree 

Rabbi Toby Manewith
Rachel Margolis, RJE
Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s ongoing response has stirred emotions both within and outside the Jewish community. Over the next weeks, as family and friends gather for holiday celebrations, there may be differences of opinion. Here are a few tips from Jewish sources to help maintain loving relationships while disagreeing.

Training Opportunities for Your Board and President

Gila Hadani
The effects of the events of October 7 have resonated differently with different people. More people are seeking comfort, connection, and community. Our Reform Jewish community is uniquely positioned to provide this. We should be leaning into opportunities to help bring people into our communities.

Combating Antisemitism with Education

Rabbi Toby Manewith
Antisemitism is at record levels. Since the beginning of the Israel/Hamas war, the rate of antisemitic incidents on campuses has risen exponentially. Knowing this, several URJ congregations are challenging antisemitism by working with schools and local boards of education.

Keeping Our Congregations Secure

Larry Glickman, FTA
On October 7/23 Tishrei, we watched in horror as Israel experienced an unprovoked attack from the Hamas terrorist organization during what should have been the joyous holiday of Simchat Torah. Hundreds of Israelis have been killed or injured; as a Movement, we pray for the quick resolution of this tragic situation.