We Are Witnessing History

Yolanda Savage-Narva
April 8, 2022
As a Black woman, a Jew, an American, and a human being, April 7, 2022, is a day that I will always remember. I will remember it for the historic event that it was: the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

Fundraising is About Values First, Money Second: An interview with Rabbi Philip Bazeley

Crystal Hill
April 7, 2022
Rabbi Philip Bazeley (he/his) has implemented an innovative fundraising model for his congregation at Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in New Brunswick, New Jersey. So far, he has raised $10,800 for RAC New Jersey, which is compelling early proof of the sustainability of his approach. He shared his thoughts and strategies for fundraising to empower other communities in formulating their own strategies.

Breaking up with Rape Culture

Kate Franklin
April 4, 2022

If you would have told 18-year-old Kate that she would one day openly talk about the most painful, and for a long time, “shameful” experience of her life to hundreds and hundreds of people, her jaw would still be on the floor.

Working in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Hate

Sumie Okazaki
March 16, 2022
In the past two years, the simultaneous spike in anti-Asian and anti-Semitic violence has brought my identity as an Asian American Jewish woman into sharp focus. In fact, here in New York City, I have keenly felt the sharp rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans and against Jews.

Join the Fast For Ukraine

March 14, 2022
This Wednesday, March 16, we are joining with many organizations to encourage Jews everywhere, to join together in the spirit of the Fast of Esther by demonstrating solidarity with the people of Ukraine. One of the many ways you might do this is by fasting.

The Path to Accountability: Next Steps in Implementing the Ethics Report Recommendations

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman
March 10, 2022
Last month, we shared the full report of an independent investigation into sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct at URJ workplaces, summer camps, and programming. We remain profoundly grateful to the survivors who came forward to share their experiences and we will honor their courage as we continue our efforts to ensure that our communities are safe environments for everyone.

Uniting Our Congregations

Rabbi David Oler
March 8, 2022
Even when our congregations consist of members with a broad range of political perspectives, there tends to be a preponderance of attitudes in a particular direction. This often leads to those in the minority feeling alienated from synagogue life. While this might happen in either direction, in my congregation, as in most URJ congregations, the members tend to be more politically liberal, in correlation with a more progressive religious viewpoint. This correlation is not perfect, however, and a minority of members are politically conservative.