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Three young people playing guitars at a summer camp worship service

The Reform Movement has a long, distinguished history of lifting souls and spirits with music – in worship and beyond. In summer camps, synagogues, and youth group gatherings, songleaders create new arrangements, borrow from beloved composers, and rock out to updated versions of old favorites. Perhaps more than anything else in the Jewish world, music has the power to bring our community together. “When we lift our voices in song, we exemplify the best of Reform Judaism: committed, joyful, and connected,” says Cantor Rosalie Will Boxt, the Union for Reform...

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Three smiling teen participants in the Kol Koleinu feminism fellowship

Moving Tradition’s Kol Koleinu fellowship, offered in collaboration with NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement, invites young Jewish feminists of all genders nationally to explore and deepen their feminist knowledge, channel their voices to share their beliefs, and use their skills to create tangible change in their communities.

Kol Koleinu translates to “All of Our voices” The name of the program was created as way to signal a feminism that is gender...

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Target with arrows in many places, but not in the center

Many years ago, one of us (the grayer, male one) was part of a crew of Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) rabbis who, on a trip to Israel organized by the UAHC, as the URJ was known at the time, met with Rabbi David Hartman, of blessed memory.

We were prepared to hear Rabbi Hartman, the leading intellectual of the Modern Orthodox movement of his time, lambaste us for a liberal attitude toward observance. Instead, he provoked us with a disarming smile and roared: “You are blessed to be part of the Reform Movement! You are not bound by halachah (Jewish...

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Past Fain Award winners posing in front of a Religious Action Center banner with their award

Social justice is at the core of the Reform Jewish Movement. Every day, our nearly 900 congregations pursue justice at the state, local, provincial, and federal levels. To acknowledge and encourage this meaningful work, every two years the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism (CSA) recognizes Reform congregations doing outstanding social justice work that is innovative, multi-generational and replicable with the ...

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Group of smiling teens standing in front of the US Capitol building

Social justice is at the core of our Reform Jewish values - and though the work of tikkun olam can be difficult and the wins may seem few, it's important that we celebrate little victories along the way. As we're taught in Pirke Avot 2:21, "It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.”

In that spirit, here are three recent social justice successes we're celebrating - and howeform Jews across the United States contributed to them.

1. The Dream and Promise Act Passes the House of Representatives

Big news from Washington, D.C...

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