"The Dairy Restaurant" Virtual Book & Author with Ben Katchor - Temple Israel, Lawrence, NY

Temple Israel, Lawrence cordially invites you to attend the Virtual Book & Author event "The Dairy Restaurant," with Ben Katchor.

In "The Dairy Restaurant" Ben Katchor illuminates the unique historical confluence of events and ideas that led to the proliferation of the dairy restaurant in New York City. In words and his inimitable drawings, he begins with Adam entering Eden and eating the fruits within. Katchor describes the invention of the restaurant, the rise of various food fads and here, too, is the encyclopedic directory of dairy restaurants that once thrived in New York City and its environs.

Ben Katchor's picture-stories have been collected in a number of books" "The Jew of New York," "Cheap Novelties, The Pleasures of Urban Decay," and "Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer." Katchor was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship and he is an Associate Professor at Parsons, The New School in New York City.

This event is open to the public and Free of charge. Please contact Alan at alan.freedman@tilny.org for the link. This program is sponsored by the Judy and Ben Segan Adult Education Fund of Temple Israel, Lawrence.