Informational Webinar: Small Congregations Online Course - Training Emerging Leaders

Leadership development is crucial for congregations to thrive, now and in the future. Intentional and ongoing training, especially undertaken with the support of a cohort, creates and strengthens a pipeline of leaders.

We acknowledge that smaller congregations may find it difficult to identify enough potential leaders for such a cohort within their congregations. Therefore, the URJ is offering an online course designed to train emerging leaders from small congregations (under 300 member units). This program will strengthen participants’ leadership skills, connect them to a network of support, and allow them to bring the learning back to their congregation. The formal duration of this program is January 27-July 3. Participants should be nominated by their congregational presidents.

Join us on Thursday, January 9, at 8pm ET to learn more about the URJ's new Small Congregations Online Course - Training Emerging Leaders. We will discuss logistics, requirements, and eligibility for this course, and will answer any questions you may have.