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Clergy and Congregational Professional Review

Pilot New Review Resources for Clergy and Congregational Professionals

Review of clergy, professional staff, and the role of lay leadership is essential for the health and vitality of 21st century congregational communities. A well-structured and healthy review process sets the direction for leadership development, identifying areas of strengths, challenges, and areas for essential growth.

The Reform Movement is developing two new resources, currently entering into a piloting phase, for review of congregational clergy and professionals:

  • Introduction to Mutual Review (for congregations and their rabbis): Developed jointly by the CCAR and the URJ;
  • Guide to Values-Based Review (for congregations and their non-rabbinic clergy and professionals): Developed jointly by the ACC, NATA ARJE, ECE-RJ, PEP-RJ, ATID and the URJ

To gain access to these pilot resources, complete this form.

We are seeking congregations willing to pilot and share feedback on these two new resources. Receiving feedback from congregations that are using these resources is an important stage in the development of the final versions. You can sign up to be a pilot congregation through Monday, March 19th.

For more information, contact the URJ Leadership Institute or Rabbi Janet Offel, URJ Director, Consulting and Transition Management.