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Emerging Leaders Resource

For the task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone... You shall also seek out from among all the people those who are capable and who fear God...  Let them share the burden with you.
Exodus 18:18; 21–22

To strengthen your congregation as you identify and train a pipeline of competent and engaged future leaders, the URJ has developed the Emerging Leaders Resource, which can serve as the basis of a congregational leadership development program.

The resource includes an implementation guide and 11 modules, all developed through the lens of Jewish texts and values. The topics covered in the URJ Emerging Leaders Resource are: introduction to congregational leadership; learning about your congregational community; congregational mission, vision, and values; Reform Judaism; personal leadership style; leadership skills; congregational governance; financial responsibility of congregational leaders; being a congregational ambassador; goal setting; and social justice.

Members of URJ congregations can access the URJ Emerging Leaders Resource in The Tent, and can reach out to the URJ Leadership Institute (LeadershipInstitute@URJ.org) for additional support.

Training Opportunities for Facilitators

Training webinars for leaders who will be using the modules to train the emerging leaders at their congregations are offered four times a year. The upcoming training webinars will take place on the following dates:

Special Opportunity for Small Congregations

We recognize that small congregations may not have enough leaders to host their own leadership development program. As a result, the URJ is currently piloting a new online leadership development course for small congregations, which will take place May 28-September 5. Nominations for the pilot closed on May 15. For any questions or to inquire about future opportunities, contact Leah King Kaufman (LKaufman@URJ.org).


The URJ Leadership Institute is available to assist congregations as they create and implement their leadership development programs. For any questions, contact the Leadership Institute at LeadershipInstitute@URJ.org.