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Executive Director, Temple Sinai

The Executive Director (ED) is a full partner with the clergy and Board of Trustees in the day-to-day operations and long-term success of Temple Sinai.

The ED reports to the Board and is supervised by the Senior Rabbi. The ED is expected to understand and strive to attain for our Temple the highest ideals of Reform Judaism, the most current trends in the American Jewish community, and the best practices of successful non-profit organizations.

The ED’s primary role is to work collaboratively with staff, lay leaders, Temple members, and the broader Jewish community in order to manage the human, financial, facility, and information resources of the Temple. Further, the ED should strive daily to create a positive, innovative, professional, and spiritual environment in which we can fulfill our mission and serve our members to the utmost of our abilities.


The ED has supervisory authority over staff members who are involved in administration, finance, communications, maintenance, security, and the Temple Sinai Cemetery. Operating under policies and budgets approved by the Board of Trustees, the ED may hire and fire personnel needed to fulfill the responsibilities and functions defined in this Job Description. The ED advises, but does not supervise, members of the clergy and program staff – especially on matters of schedule, staffing, resources, personnel practices, and financial concerns.


The ED is expected to manage, supervise, delegate, or personally ensure the performance of the following:

  • Administration/Logistics
  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Facility
  • Communications
  • Administration/Logistics


  • Respond to inquiries from prospective members. Arrange meetings with clergy and other staff, as appropriate. Prepare and issue membership packets, and process new members (paying special attention to sharing opportunities for integration into Temple life).
  • Establish dues structure and implement process for informing and collecting dues from new and continuing members.
  • Handle requests from Temple members for dues relief with caring, courtesy, and discretion.
  • Interact with Temple membership, provide opportunities to discuss any concerns, and communicate any issues with clergy and/or lay leadership (maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality).
  • Support retention of Temple membership.
  • Interview and process resignations.
  • Maintain complete and accurate membership records.

Facilities Scheduling and Use

  • Maintain calendar for all Temple programs and events.
  • Schedule and maintain calendar for use of facilities by affiliates, committees, congregants, and non-members.
  • Coordinate use of facilities with non-members and vendors.
  • Assure Temple facilities are set up as needed for all events.
  • Market Temple facilities when available.
  • Establish rules, procedures, fees, and responsibilities for use of Temple facilities.


  • Serve as central purchasing agent for all departments, soliciting vendor bids as requested.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies (office, tech., etc.) within budget.


  • Ensure that Temple members, guests, staff, and visitors are greeted appropriately.
  • Make sure the Temple facility is secure at all times.
  • Maintain emergency procedures and readiness.
  • Update equipment and processes for security and reception.


  • Work closely with Treasurer on all budget items.
  • Prepare and maintain annual budget. Assist clergy, department heads, and relevant committees in preparing department budgets.
  • Oversee all expenditures to remain within Temple budget/guidelines.
  • Prepare financial reports and statements as requested by Board, clergy, committees, and congregants.
  • Assure compliance with federal and state regulations including reporting and record keeping.
  • Secure annual audit, and quickly address audit issues.
  • Supervise billing and collection of dues, pledges, fees, and other income.
  • Maintain complete and accurate member accounts.
  • Maintain complete and accurate fund accounts.
  • Maintain and preserve bank and other financial assets.
  • Provide staff support for fundraising efforts.
  • Maintain in secure venue all permanent records such as deeds, permits, insurance policies, and maintenance contracts.


  • Hire office and custodial staff including, with appropriate supervisor, administrative assistants.
  • Recommend personnel procedures and standards.
  • Assure that Personnel Manual is up to date.
  • Handle employee relations of office and custodial staff including setting hours of work, pay, vacations, social security and other benefits, life and disability insurance, pensions, etc.
  • Maintain accurate and confidential personnel files.
  • Conduct performance reviews at least semi-annually.


  • The Executive Director is responsible for the appearance, operation, and maintenance of the Cemetery and Temple grounds, buildings, property, and equipment. Work closely with Maintenance staff to:
    • Oversee maintenance of physical plant to assure high standards of safety, cleanliness, aesthetic appearance, and good working order.
    • Arrange for repair or replacement as necessary and as budget allows.
    • Make recommendations for capital expenditures.

    • Supervise maintenance/custodial staff of Cemetery and Temple.

    • Work with appropriate committees for long-term facilities planning.

    • Establish and maintain accurate and current records of property, equipment, and supplies.

    • Maintain schedules for inspection, repair, and replacement of property and equipment.


  • Public Relations
  • Edit and issue, in collaboration with communications staff, all Temple publications such as Bulletin, Shabbat announcements, weekly and special e-mails, social media, external media, etc.
  • Collect, protect, and regularly update data and personal records as part of the Temple’s effort to stay in touch with members.
  • Maintain Temple website.
  • Coordinate media purchases.
  • Market Temple Sinai throughout the community.

Information Technology

  • Have working knowledge of Temple computer systems, servers, etc.
  • Work with consultants and vendors as needed to evaluate, maintain, and update Temple computer hardware, systems, and software to ensure optimal efficiency and innovation.
  • Work with consultants/vendors as needed to evaluate, maintain, and update telephone and other communication hardware and systems.
  • Support outreach to the community through such means as dial-in?phone systems, live streaming, and other.


  • Committees
  • Attend all meetings of senior staff, full staff, administrative/office staff, Board of Trustees, and executive committee.
  • Maintain minutes of Board and executive committee meetings.
  • Assure that membership lists of committee and subcommittee members are up to date and utilized.
  • Assure that Bylaws are up to date.
  • Attend meetings of committees, affiliates, and Temple events as time permits.

Other Professional

  • The Temple Sinai leadership anticipates that the central role at the Temple will include:
  • Join, attend meetings and partake at local, regional, and national levels,professional organizations such as URJ, NATA, etc. as time and budget permit.
  • Attend religious services on a regular basis, be active in Temple life, and otherwise be available to congregants.


This job description may be modified at any time, and the ED is expected to fulfill additional responsibilities as discussed with the Board and Senior Rabbi.


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