Jew V'Nation Fellow: FED

Deborah Fishman

Deborah.jpgFED – like TED, but you get fed – is a social club featuring events with creative food, inspirational ideas, and the company and creative energy of your matched dinner companions. Speakers often provide “food for thought” in the form of 10-15 minute talks rooted in their passion and expertise. Some dinners feature musical or dramatic performances in addition to or instead of a talk. For instance, there was a Purim talk with a Burlesque theme and a Rosh Hashanah performance with a jazz violinist who performed riffs on “Aveinu Malkeinu.”

Founder Deborah Fishman works in communications and community building as a writer and network-weaver. She is the Director of Communications for The AVI CHAI Foundation. Deborah has a M.A. in Jewish Professional Studies from the Spertus Institute, was a Fellow in Israel Education at the iCenter, is a member of the ROI Community, and was named one of the “36 under 36” Jews making an impact in the NYC Jewish community by the Jewish Week.

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