Reform Jewish Movement Condemns Terrorist Attack on Israelis

(New York, NY, January 22, 2002) - Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, President of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and leader of the North American Reform Movement, today strongly condemned the terrorist attack in downtown Jerusalem that is reported to have left over forty-six people wounded.

Rabbi Yoffie's statement follows:

"Terror must be stopped. Such actions are appalling and unacceptable. We pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded. Our hearts reach out to their families and loved ones. We say to the people of Israel: we stand with you, now and forever.

"There can be no prospect for peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people so long as such terrorism continues. We demand that the Palestinian Authority do everything in its power to prevent such horrific acts. We in the Reform Movement will continue to speak out against such terror and violence until such acts cease.

"Terrorists aim to destroy not only individual lives but Israel's national resolve; they target the very hope for peace. We must continue to work for an end to the senseless violence and killings and pray that we will soon see the return of Israel and Palestinians to the negotiating table."