Reform Leaders Respond to Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack and West Bank Security Operation

July 5, 2023 -  The Reform movement strongly supports Israel’s moral right to defend its citizens against terrorists endangering any of its citizens. We stand behind Israel as it addresses the recent waves of deadly terrorism, including the terrorist attack in the heart of Tel Aviv that left many Israelis wounded. May they know refuah shleima, a swift healing of body and soul.

So too we mourn the loss of Israeli soldier St. Sgt. David Yehuda Yitzhak z”l, killed in the line of duty in Jenin. We express our support for the soldiers, commanders, and defense forces as they work for a safe and swift cessation of the current operation with minimal loss of life to those defending the Jewish state along with all civilians in harm’s way.

The recent violence in the West Bank is tragic and dangerous for both Israelis and Palestinians. Leaders must act now to de-escalate tensions and ensure the safety and security for all in the region. This is a moment for the world powers to intervene and to cooperate with Israel and the Palestinians in preventing further escalation from Gaza.

We further call on the Prime Minister and Defense Minister to reign in the growing violent crimes committed by extreme Jewish factions targeting Palestinian towns and villages throughout the West Bank and to prevent further acts of violence.

The role of the IDF is to fight terrorism and its infrastructure, and to protect Israeli citizens. The role of political leaders is also to plan for the day after and promote political and diplomatic solutions.

We pray for calm in the region and for the safety of all civilians and the IDF. And we urge our own governments to work together expeditiously with those in the region towards those goals.


Union for Reform Judaism
Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman (she/her)

Rabbi Rick Jacobs (he/him)


Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Erica Asch (she/her)

Rabbi Hara E. Person (she/her)
Chief Executive


American Conference of Cantors
Cantor Seth Warner (he/him)

Rachel Roth (she/her)
Chief Operating Officer