Union for Reform Judaism Launches Innovative New Human Resources Solution for Reform Congregations

JHR is the first comprehensive Human Resources solution specifically designed to meet the needs of Jewish congregations

March 12, 2024 - The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the largest Jewish movement in North America, has announced the launch of JHR, a new human resources solution for Jewish congregations. JHR can provide congregations of any size with a valuable resource to outsource the organizational aspects of HR such as payroll, benefits, employee onboarding, and governance. The URJ partnered with two global HR industry leaders to build this innovative solution that can give congregations access to a range of staff benefits and strengthen compliance with HR laws and regulations. 

“I am incredibly proud to offer this groundbreaking new resource to our congregations across North America,” said Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the URJ. “With JHR, congregational leaders can relieve their employees of some of the most daunting HR tasks so they can keep their focus on their community’s most pressing needs. I am thrilled that this new program will give our congregations the confidence that their HR requirements will be fulfilled strategically, professionally, and accurately.” 

In recent years, the URJ recognized that many congregations across North America were struggling with multiple aspects of human resources. Congregations of all sizes had noted spending excessive time, resources, and allocations on HR-related tasks. Yet even with their dedicated efforts, congregations continue to experience increased benefit costs with less coverage, and challenges in staying current with regulatory changes.  

To directly ease these burdens, the URJ partnered with two recognized HR industry partners, Insperity and High5, to build JHR. With this new solution, JHR will serve as a congregation’s HR “back office” and include HR management, such as, “Fortune 500-” style benefit options, consistent employee onboarding, improved governance and compliance with employment regulations, and professional development. 

The new program is now available to all URJ member congregations in good standing. Congregations can find out more about JHR by scheduling a meeting with a JHR staff member, or by attending webinars scheduled in April

With JHR, congregational leaders – both professional staff and lay leaders – can align their organizational mission with HR best practices to create a dynamic workplace culture, build strong teams, and expand the impact on their community. 




About the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)

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