Reform Movement Israel Engagement Active Learning Network

"It is not the study that is essential, but rather the action” (Pirkei Avot 1:17)

While Israel continues to inspire us on many fronts, the challenges it and the Jewish world face today are significant. To meet these challenges, we need to delve more deeply into the issues and do what Jewish tradition teaches: turn study into action. 

As we mark Israel’s 70th anniversary, the URJ and ARZA are partnering with the Shalom Hartman Institute to form the Active Learning Network (ALN). We invite Reform congregations to join the ALN to

The URJ is pleased to cover the cost ($500 value) of the iEngage videos and pdf materials to congregations who agree to be part of the ALN.  

Congregational participation in the ALN has basic two requirements:

  • Agree to offer a learning program of the iEngage curriculum, comprised of an 8-session video course and three live webinars (dates below)
  • Commit to developing a plan that carries learning into something actionable that can be shared with other congregations.

Next Steps:

  • Participating congregations will need to designate a learning facilitator*, a member of the clergy or professional staff or a community member with the requisite expertise.
  • The Learning Facilitator must register for ALN.
  • Facilitators and congregants in the ALN are also encouraged to attend an introductory session about Hartman’s iEngage curriculum and the ALN at the Biennial's Israel Engagement Symposium, Track 1

Additional Information:

  • After registering for the ALN, congregational facilitators will receive a code to register on the SHI website to gain access to the curriculum through a Hartman Online account where all the course materials are found (videos, sourcebook as pdf, leader's guide, and sample publicity flyer).  
  • Congregational facilitators will be invited to a training webinar. 
  • After congregants register for the class through the synagogue, the facilitator will give them a designated Community Code for them to create their own Hartman Online accounts where they will gain access to the learning materials.
  • Congregations have the option of ordering pre-printed sourcebooks at an extra cost through the SHI website. 

Create a congregational plan for when the learning will take place and for how to recruit participants.  While the dates of video sessions are set by individually by each congregation during Winter/Spring 2017***, the dates of the required webinars have been set (all start at noon ET)

  • March 22 2018: Rabbi Noa Sattath (Director, Israel Religious Action Center – IMPJ) and Dr. Tal Becker (Senior Fellow, SHI)
  • April 12 2018: Rabbi Joshua Weinberg (President, ARZA), Rabbi Reuven Greenvald (Director of Israel Engagement, URJ) and Dr. Elana Stein Hain (Director of Educational Leadership, SHI – North America)
  • May 17 2018:  Rabbi Rick Jacobs (President, URJ) and Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer (President, SHI -North America)

Participating congregations will share action plans with network in late spring 2018. 

Special Considerations

*If small congregations without clergy can put together a cohort of learners, we can help match you with a rabbi or educator who can facilitate the learning through video conference. 

For more information, please contact Rabbi Reuven Greenvald, URJ Director of Israel Engagement: