"One generation goes and another generation comes, but the Earth remains forever" (Kohelet 1:4). This lesson from Tanach reminds us of our responsibility to ensure that God's creation is protected for generations yet to come. In the context of energy policy, it guides us to take a balanced approach to energy development, one that not only sustainably satisfies current needs but also considers those of future generations. Thus, the Reform

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We believe that the Supreme Court should reflect the rich diversity of the American people - racial, religious, ethnic, and gender - and we are conscious of the background of poverty and racism that Clarence Thomas overcame in his successful career. We honor the career of Justice Thurgood Marshall who came to the Court from a not dissimilar background and brought luster to it. It is with regret, therefore, that we conclude that Clarence Thomas is not an appropriate successor and oppose his confirmation.

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Believing that Judaism recognizes the right of both conscientious objection and selective conscientious objection to war;

Believing that registration at this time is both unnecessary and unnecessarily provocative, reflective of a national trend toward increased militarism that threatens world peace; and

Believing that the costs of such action draw funds from needed social, educational, and economic programs that will make for social betterment;

We support the existing all-volunteer military force.

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