Children's Issues

Children's Issues


Issues of workers' rights have been of concern to our people since the days of the patriarchs and matriarchs. Jacob complains that his employer and father-in-law, Laban, has mocked him and changed his wages ten times. To Laban himself Jacob says, "Had not the God of my father . . . been with me, you would have sent me away empty-handed. But God took notice of my plight and the toil of my hands, and God gave judgment...." (Gen. 31:42) Similarly, the

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59th General Assembly
November 1987
Chicago, Illinois

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45th Council
November 1959
Miami Beach, FL

In recent years, many Americans have sought to adopt children of a different religious origin than their own.

From this situation, the question has arisen whether the State may properly impose a religious test upon the adoptive parents.

In some communities, inter-religious controversy has resulted.

We, therefore, deem it appropriate to make the following declaration:

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45th General Assembly
November 1977
San Francisco

We express our abhorrence and outrage at the child abuse and neglect experienced by America's children at the hands of parents, guardians, and others. Such abuse knows no economic, social, religious, or class limits, affecting millions of children in all areas and strata of our society, reaching almost epidemic proportions.

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Adolescence is, almost by definition, a difficult time. All the more so concerning issues of sexuality. Our kids desperately need our direction in this area, but too often we do not provide it. Teenagers experimenting with sex is hardly new, of course. And it need not be a source of concern. Most of us who went through the sexual revolution of the 60s grew up to be perfectly respectable citizens.

But what is happening now is radically different.

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Adopted by the Board of Trustees
May 1992
Minneapolis, MN

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