Disability Rights

Disability Rights

Adopted by the 71st URJ Biennial 

A human being mints many coins from the same mold, and they are all identical. But the Holy One, Blessed be God, strikes us all from the mold of the first human and each one of us is unique. (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5)

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Board of Trustees
June 1978
New York

There are approximately forty million persons in the United States and Canada who live impaired lives because of physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities. Many of these people must be helped to gain their full rights as citizens-rights that include improved education, expanded rehabilitation programming, accessible housing and civic facilities, effective transportation and pedestrian routing, civil rights, and enhanced employment opportunities.

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The United Nations has designated 1981 as the "International Year of Disabled Persons."

NFTY, by action of its National Board in February 1981, has made working with the disabled and advocacy on their part its two-year national project.

Reform Judaism is proud of its heritage pursuing justice, equal rights, opportunities for all people.

We call upon our member congregations and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations to take the following steps:

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