Human Rights

Human Rights

Law enforcement officers who risk their lives each day to ensure our safety deserve the respect and appreciation of all Americans. Their work is challenging and the decisions they are forced to make are difficult. Even as we reaffirm our respect and appreciation for law enforcement, we must acknowledge the long-standing structural injustices, particularly concerning race, that plague too much of our society including our criminal justice system.

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37th Council
April 1941

Resolved that we profoundly sympathize with the victims both Jewish and non-Jewish of the ravages of war and with all who are denied their elemental human rights by aggressor nations;

We affirm our unalterable devotion to democratic principles, and with all faith and confidence look forward to the day when such democratic ideals will surely triumph over the totalitarian forces of darkness;

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WHEREAS the UAHC has consistently supported civil rights and civil liberties for all persons and

WHEREAS the Constitution guarantees civil rights to all individuals,

BE IT, THEREFORE, RESOLVED THAT homosexual persons are entitled to equal protection under the law. We oppose discriminating against homosexuals in areas of opportunity, including employment and housing. We call upon our society to see that such protection is provided in actuality.

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Adopted at the 62nd General Assembly
October, 1993
San Francisco, CA

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