Interfaith Family

Shabbat B'Yachad Interfaith Awareness Dinner

B'Yachad means Together. Interfaith Awareness Shabbat is an experiential engagement event. Conversion students, alumni and Jewish PLUS families are welcome. Meet one another at 6pm, join in blessings and a meal, and welcome Shabbat at 7pm services with the congregation. There is no charge for this event, which made possible with support from Jewish Nevada and Union for Reform Judaism through the generosity of the National Center to Encourage Judaism.

Creating Welcoming Spaces for Interfaith Couples

Rabbi Chase Foster
October 11, 2022
As a part of my work at jHUB, which embraces interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish culture and values in Cleveland, Ohio, I meet with young interfaith couples who are looking for connection, meaning, and guidance. I get to hear their unique stories, which often reflect their desire to deepen their relationship with Judaism and with one another.

An Interfaith Journey to Peace Making

Diane Holt Frankle
August 1, 2022
My Jewish husband and I have been on an interfaith journey for 43 years. Our wedding brought our friends and family, both Jews and Christians, into an old brick church where our beautiful chuppah sat below a hanging macrame cross where we took our vows before a rabbi and a priest.