Longstanding URJ Positions on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The URJ is committed to a Jewish, democratic state of Israel, flourishing in peace and security. One of the URJ’s six core values, which are the moral and ethical imperatives that undergird everything we do, is Israel and Jewish Peoplehood. We believe that Kol yisrael arevim zeh ba’zeh (Shevuot 39a), “All of Israel and the Jewish people are responsible, one for the other.” We are committed to the safety and vitality of the Jewish people and to a secure and just state of Israel as a home – for all Jews and for all its inhabitants. The URJ has also long expressed overwhelming support for a Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state of Israel, reached through a negotiated agreement between the two parties. We are on record over many decades opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip that began in 1967. We have also opposed -- and continue to oppose --expansion of settlements in the West Bank and the oppressive treatment of the Palestinian population.

URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship & Immersive

The URJ is proud to provide our Reform and progressive Jewish communities a suite of programs for our teens and the wider Jewish community to engage with contemporary social issues, culture, and community organizing around Israel.