Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Making the High Holidays Inclusive and Meaningful

August 3, 2021
As the High Holidays approach once again, we have created a number of resources for individuals and congregations to utilize as we mark these most important days in the Jewish calendar. We know we will be a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community when we fully incorporate the diversity that is the reality of modern Jewish life. We hope that each of these materials will help your High Holiday experiences and programming serve a wide range of identities and help you create communities of belonging.

Mosaic Visions Presents: I Pray With My Feet - Part 1: The Movement and Freedom Summer 1960-1964

Mosaic Visions is excited to announce that we are launching a three-part civil rights conversation from a different perspective-one that will teach our community how to show up as a faithful ally. To examine this through a historical lens, Dee Sanae, founder of Mosaic Visions, is virtually talking to two Jewish allies that organized and rallied in the Civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, Jr.