Reform Movement Institutions

Reform Movement Institutions

Over the past 25 years IRAC has  become a leading Israeli voice advancing pluralism and defending freedoms of conscience, faith, and religion.

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Adopted by the 71st URJ Biennial

The Reform Youth Professionals’ Association (RYPA) was founded in 2011 by 12 Youth Professionals working in Reform Movement settings. RYPA aspires to grow to represent Jewish  Youth Professionals throughout North America. RYPA will advocate for having qualified Jewish youth professionals in every setting where there are Jewish children including congregations, camps, day schools, URJ staff, and community agencies.

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39th Council
March 1946
Cincinnati, OH

The 39th Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations heartily recommends that, a member of the Youth Organization affiliated with the National Federation of Temple Youth in each congregation be represented on the Board of Trustees, when and if the Men's Club and Sisterhood are so represented.

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52nd General Assembly
November 1973
New York, NY

WHEREAS, a number of congregations have submitted resolutions to amend Article X of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; and

WHEREAS, the proposed resolutions include entirely different concepts and make apparent a number of combinations of each; and

WHEREAS, some of the congregations endorsing these resolutions call for definitive action at the 1975 Biennial convention; and

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Adopted by the General Assembly
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
October 29-November 2, 1997 Dallas

The UAHC has consistently supported a democratic and pluralistic State of Israel. Although Reform and Progressive institutions in Israel are gaining strength, a shortage of resources hampers their growth.

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Adopted by the Board of Trustees
May 1992
Minneapolis, MN

Over the past few decades, the Jewish community has provided an extraordinarily generous stream of funds to Israel and to local communal agencies, which in turn have translated that tzedakah into a fount of good works and good will for both Jew and non-Jew alike.

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51st General Assembly
November l97l
Los Angeles, CA

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65th General Assembly
December 1999
Orlando, Florida

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