Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights

The UAHC has long been committed to the right of a woman to choose an abortion. We reaffirm the position of the 56th General Assembly in 1981, and we endorse the following resolution, adopted by the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods in New Orleans in 1989:

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It has been the longstanding position of the UAHC, which we again state, to affirm the legal right of a woman to exercise her moral and religious conscience regarding abortion. Our tradition has always upheld the sacredness of life. Similarly, it has upheld the sacredness of the body.

In light of the fierce and increasing campaign in America to deny freedom of choice regarding abortion,


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49th General Assembly
November 1967
Montreal, Quebec

Humane considerations motivate us to speak out in the name of our United States members in favor of needed revisions in the abortion laws of many states. In recent months the moral imperative to modernize abortion legislation has become and important issue in the legislatures of many states.

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53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas

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