Strengthening Congregations

COVID-19 Finance Resources for Congregations

Moriah Benjoseph Nassau and Allison Gelman

One of the primary concerns of many congregations is financial decision-making in the face of unprecedented financial realities. We’ve rounded up resources to help you find the most up-to-date recommendations, information, and support. 

A Passover Prayer for Congregational Leaders in the Era of COVID-19

Amy Asin

As we prepare to enter into the holy days of Passover, let’s first take a moment to reflect on the work we’ve all done throughout the past few weeks. You have been willing to lead, and in doing so, you have helped make very narrow places, the literal translation of the word mitzrayim, a little less narrow.

A Jewish Values Matrix for Dealing with a Time of Illness

Rabbi Joseph R. Black

As we struggle to consider all our options in this ever-changing environment, we strive to make decisions using a values-based matrix that will help us to act in a consistent manner that is in line with Jewish tradition and modern sensibility.