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A TASTE OF JUDAISM® Are You Curious? is a free 3-session class for beginners - Jewish or from different faith backgrounds  - that explores the topics of Jewish spirituality, ethics and community values (God, Torah and Israel). Since 1994, approximately 100,000 seekers have taken the URJ course, which often serves as a portal for future Jewish study and engagement. An increasing number of participants (16%) are adult children of interfaith marriages.

Resources for Congregations

Congregations that run A TASTE OF JUDAISM® receive curricular and faculty materials, ads and flyers, follow-up advice, and administrative materials. Every year, the URJ awards grants to individual URJ-affiliated congregations and clusters of congregations to help with advertising costs and teacher honoraria. Webinar training, resources, and ongoing consultation is available to all congregations offering A TASTE OF JUDAISM® classes. 


After a brief “taste” of Jewish learning, many participants continue on to the 16-20 week URJ Introduction to Judaism program.  After completing the 3-session Taste of Judaism program, students were surveyed and the results show that:

  • 89.25 percent are likely to seek additional opportunities for Jewish learning or worship
  • 33 percent subsequently enroll in Introduction to Judaism classes
  • 13 percent seek a sponsoring rabbi to explore conversion

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For additional information, email Frieda Hershman Huberman, or visit the Taste of Judaism website.