Affirmative Action

45th General Assembly
November 1977
San Francisco

As Jews who are deeply committed to the prophetic imperatives of our tradition, we are dedicated to those deeds that will create justice for all the people of our country. Affirmative action aimed at correcting historic injustice in our society is a significant and successful vehicle for achieving such a goal.

We must be particularly sensitive to the dangers that we face in a society where inequity is allowed to persist. The long-range interests of our people, as well as of all Americans, are best served by the creation of a society that is truly just.

BE IT, THEREFORE, RESOLVED THAT we, the members of the UAHC, feel that the continued denial of equal opportunity makes it morally obligatory that universities, labor unions, employers, and governmental institutions utilize goals and timetables (rather than quotas) in an effort to provide economic and educational opportunities for qualified Blacks, Chicanos, women, and economically disadvantaged persons and minorities.