Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems

Board of Trustees
May 1969
New York, NY

If the nations of the world are ever to know true peace and security, an end to the arms race must be the first order of priority. The present international dialogue between the great powers offers a unique opportunity to achieve progress in the elimination of the awesome nuclear threat.

The proposed "think" anti-ballistic system as a symbol of our military priority in our spending program threatens the very parity which is so essential for arms control agreement. The effectiveness of the ABM is seriously questioned by many experts, and the danger of obsolescence before its full development adds to the uncertainty surrounding this so-called addition to our security.

An expenditure of billions of dollars on questionable armaments should not be permitted when the nation sorely needs these resources in more constructive areas. With the United States torn by conflict and violence, with one-fifth of is population unable to enjoy the fruits of an affluent society, with its moral and ethical values being questioned by its citizens and the world at large, it is important that a reordering of our national priorities be undertaken.

Religious and moral considerations force the conviction that a rejection of the ABM proposal and a shift in emphasis in our efforts to reach agreements with the USSR on arms control offer the best hope for internal progress and external security.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations urge the defeat by Congress of the present ABM Systems proposals and urges the Congress to treat with the utmost scrutiny all military expenditures in order to shift the national priorities of the United States.