53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas

WHEREAS this has been a memorable and exciting convention; memorable because of the quality and depth of its program; exciting because of its variety and spontaneity,

THEREFORE, we the delegates to the 53rd General Assembly of the UAHC, express our gratitude to those responsible.

  1. Commend our President, Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler for his dedicated and inspiring leadership of our movement; for his cool head and incisive insight; for the brilliance and poetry of his messages to us.

    We particularly commend him for the progressive outlook he has recommended. He says to us, "Look forward in hope, not backward in despair." We firmly commit ourselves by our actions here and as we return each to our own congregation to programs which will convert the hopes of which he spoke into realities.

  2. This General Assembly commends Matthew H. Ross for his fine record as the Chairman of our Board of Trustees. We are particularly impressed with his conduct of these meetings. He has never in any way attempted unfairly to influence the discussion of the voting on any issue. He has been in complete control of the meeting at all times, demonstrating:
    1. Ability in organizational procedure
    2. Capable leadership
    3. Knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order, and
    4. Politeness and compassion to all those desiring to be heard.

    We salute his leadership and express our sincere appreciation for his service.

  3. We commend our host congregations in Dallas and Fort Worth for their abundance of warmth and hospitality. They have proven that the Texas heart is as large as their state.
  4. We commend all of those who helped to make this 53rd General Assembly such a rewarding, moving religious experience for all of us.