Bible Translation

44th General Assembly
April 1957
Toronto, Ontario

The Bible is the very foundation of Judaism, and an adequate knowledge of it is the indispensable basis of Jewish faith and of Jewish life. Our tradition has always encouraged the study of Scripture in its original tongue, but for thousands of years, translations in many languages have been provided for those who could not master the Hebrew text.

Though there are many English translations of the Bible, for forty years English-speaking Jewry has read and studied the translation published by the Jewish Publication Society of America. For a long time, however, the need has been felt for a new English translation which should present the latest and most reliable findings of Biblical scholarship in contemporary American speech. Such a new translation is now being prepared under the sponsorship of the JPS.

The UAHC voices its hearty approval of this project. We note with pride that the translation committee, representing all shades of Jewish thought, has assigned that major responsibility in this work to Dr. Harry M. Orlinsky, Professor of Bible in our HUC-JIR.

The General Assembly urges all its constituents to give their generous support of this significant undertaking.


The resolution was adopted.