Board of Trustees
June 1978
New York

Through informed sources, a monstrous human tragedy is being revealed to a shocked and unbelieving world. Once again, unspeakable horrors, reminiscent of the Nazi Holocaust, are being inflicted upon an innocent race of people.

The Khmer Communist conquerors of Cambodia are brutally executing the people of that beleaguered land in a systematic program of extermination. Conservative estimates are that over one million men, women, and children have been victims of this fiendish action, and the figures could be much higher.

We believe the world must not close its eyes to another holocaust. In the name of decency and humanity, we call upon the secretary general of the United Nations, Kurt Waldheim and upon the president of the United States and our congregational leaders to condemn Cambodia in the eyes of the world as a criminal state and to deplore the atrocities perpetrated against its citizens.

We further call upon the United Nations to seek some means to save the remaining Cambodians from certain death.