Combined Campaign

45th Council
November 1959
Miami Beach, FL

The Combined Campaign occupies a pivotal place in the Reform Movement. Without it, all our hopes, plans and strivings would come to nothing. The daring and the vision that have been expended at this General Assembly in mapping new frontiers for Reform Judaism will have been meaningful only if the Combined Campaign is successful in securing all the funds that are necessary to translate our programs into life.

Today, we stand on the threshold of a new decade and a new are. In this first year of the new decade, our national institutions require a total of $53,558,536. Considering the goals to be achieved by the Reform Movement, this financial requirement for 1959-1960 is modest indeed. Yet, it must be realized in full. Although we are elated and thrilled that the Combined Campaign is today the leading and the most successful nationwide religious fund-raising effort in the American Jewish Community, the fact is that the Reform constituency has never once fully subscribed an annual campaign goal—has never once met in full the total budgetary needs of the UAHC and the HUC-JIR. We are convinced that it is not enough to establish records; it must come to pass, and quickly, that we assure every last dollar that is needed in every annual effort of the Combined Campaign.

Therefore be it resolved, that we affirm the priority of the Combined Campaign for American Reform Judaism in the area of fund-raising in the Reform Movement, and call upon all congregational boards of trustees, all members of the Reform rabbinate, and each and every Reform Jew to support the Combined Campaign in all earnestness and in all generosity so that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion may serve each and every congregation to the utmost of their great powers.

Be it further resolved, that we extend our greetings and felicitations to A. B. Polinsky of San Diego, for his truly exceptional leadership of the Combined Campaign over the past ten years, and especially for his extraordinary role as the General Chairman of the Campaign, a post he holds today for the fourth successive year to the greater glory of Reform Judaism and our national institutions.