Commending the "Congress of Liberals"

3rd Council
July 1876
Washington, DC

WHEREAS, it is one of the greatest aims and objects of this Union of American Hebrew Congregations now in session in Washington City to encourage and to sympathize with any movement, with any organization or association which promotes religious liberty, and endeavors to uphold the great principle of equality as expressed in the Constitution of this great republic;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Convention tenders its sincerest expressions of sympathy and gratification to the "Congress of Liberals" for their noble and energetic efforts in their convention just held in Philadelphia to secularize the State completely and to protest against all such laws of State or States, which are calculated to endanger the bulwarks of perfect freedom and justice.

BE IT RESOLVED that the President of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations appoint a committee to draft suitable resolutions and the same be transmitted to the Secretary of the "Congress of Liberals".