Creating Committed Lifelong Unions

65th General Assembly
December 1999
Orlando, Florida

The Reform Movement recognizes that couples entering into a lifelong commitment require preparation for their lives together. In recent years, increasing demands have left some congregational rabbis with insufficient time to counsel couples on important issues affecting their future. It is the responsibility of the Union and the Central Conference of American Rabbis to address these issues from a Reform Jewish perspective.

THEREFORE, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations resolves to:

  1. Implement a couples counseling pilot project in the fall of 2000 in three major North American metropolitan areas, focusing on such topics as having and raising children, intimacy, home rituals, synagogue affiliation, relations with in-laws, and family finances;
  2. Evaluate the pilot project and expand the program to an additional twelve cities in the fall of 2001;
  3. Provide opportunities, such as weekend retreats, for couples not residing in major metropolitan areas take advantage of the program; and
  4. Provide a detailed curriculum for local rabbis who may wish to use all or part of the couples counseling program.