Debate on the Union and the American Jewish Conference

"This 39th Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations has dealt with many problems affecting the program and policy of the Union and in these tragic times in Jewish life, this survey has taken on a greater urgency than might normally have been the case. Among these problems was the question of the adherence of the Union to the American Jewish Conference. This issue had become sharply controversial."

"In accordance with the best traditions of the democratic process, this question has been freely and openly debated on the floor of the Convention. Regardless of the individual views of the delegates on the merits of the question we applaud the fact that this free and open discussion has taken place. But we especially rejoice, that once the decision was reached, the minority-graciously and constructively accepted the conclusion of the majority, to the end that we may now, all of us, go forward with renewed enthusiasm and effectiveness in the service of the Union's noble mission.

"We voice the deep gratitude of the Union to all who participated in the discussion and to all who aided in the settlement of the issue. It was an impressive demonstration of liberal, democratic and brotherly concord."