Emergency Task Force

We recognize the existence of articulated black anti-Semitic sentiment within varying sections of the nation. We believe it must be dealt with forthrightly whenever and wherever it appears. However, we feel it is urgent to caution our Jewish constituency not to overreact to isolated incidents, nor condemn the entire black community for the acts of extremists. We further believe that we must never lose sight of our moral imperatives to increase our efforts to resolve the underlying injustices of our society. Moreover, we are convinced that the achievement of a just society is the only true guarantee for all Americans. We, therefore, urge our congregations to continue the ongoing fight on behalf of social justice. Judaism demands no less.

Mindful also of the responsibilities of our national movement, we authorize the immediate establishment of an Emergency Task Force of Reform Judaism to explore the instrumentalities and resources by which our movement can be more meaningfully involved and more effectively active in the urban crisis of our country, and to report back to the Board of Trustees at its next meeting. Such a Force shall be comprised of representatives of all relevant commissions and affiliates of our movement. We particularly urge that representatives of our youth, both in high school and college, be involved.