Encouraging Agriculture among Jews

WHEREAS, in our opinion the true emancipation of Jews consists in the greater infusion of the spirit of manhood and self-dependence, which can best be done by encouraging the large masses of Israelites dwelling in Eastern and Southern Europe to become farmers, agriculturists and mechanics; and,

WHEREAS the millions of acres still lying waste in this country await the toil of the thrifty and industrious husbandman and laborer to yield the untold wealth sleeping in the undeveloped soil, and to millions of Jews the independence of the farmer would be the true redemption from bondage; and,

WHEREAS this country, our brethren all over the world and society at large would be greatly benefitted by the enlistment of willing hands and stout hearts in the enterprise that would largely affect the great social questions of modern times; and,

WHEREAS such would could be carried out with facility in cooperation with our sister societies in Europe, the Alliance Israelite and their German branches, the Board of English Deputies and others; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Board of Delegates on Civil and Religious Rights be and they are hereby instructed to take into consideration the feasibility and practicability of our active cooperation with our sister societies in Europe, for the purpose of encouraging agriculture among Jews, and the settlement in this country of such as are willing and able to devote themselves to that pursuit on the lands in the West and South,

RESOLVED that the Executive Board be and they are hereby authorized to accept donations of land and funds and hold them in trust for the purpose of encouraging agricultural pursuits among Israelites.