Environmental Pollution

WHEREAS environmental pollution is a crime against life, it results from our highly industrialized, mechanical society and exploding populations, afflicting areas both urban and rural throughout the world. It effects, going unchecked, can end only in the tragedy of the destruction of all human life on earth.

The industrial and automotive pollution of our air has made the life process of breathing a dangerous health hazard in some areas. Industrial wastes, sewage and oil are contaminating many of our precious water resources. The penetration of poisonous pesticides into all living organisms is now becoming critical, thus disrupting the ecological balance of nature. This is especially the case with DDT. The indiscriminate use of DDT and other poisonous chemicals must be stopped now.

Time is running out and action to rectify the problems must be intensified. As responsible Jews, we must show respect for the quality of life. We who inherit a tradition which is marked by a reverence for life must preserve the earth and all its varied life for our own sake and for generations yet unborn.


  1. to urge that appropriate measures be taken by local, state and national governments to remove or ameliorate the growing threats of environmental pollution and to afford protection to the environment;
  2. to urge individuals and businesses in the private sector to cooperate in actions designed to reduce environmental pollution and afford protection to the environment;
  3. to urge national commissions, regions and congregations to become actively interested in the problem of environmental pollution and the protection of the environment through study, cooperation and action alongside interested communal agencies which are working in this field.