The Eradication and Amelioration of Poverty

48th General Assembly
November 1965
San Francisco, CA

WHEREAS Judaism teaches that poverty is destructive of human dignity and proclaims that men must endeavor to fulfill the dictate, "There shall be no needy among you,"

WHEREAS the persistence of poverty in a society possessing the abundance to satisfy the material needs of all its citizens is morally indefensible,

BE IT RESOLVED that this 48th General Assembly of the UAHC declares its wholehearted support of effective programs designated to eradicate poverty. We urge our government to implement its policy, first enunciated in the Employment Act of 1946, of promoting "maximum employment, production and purchasing power"; and to adopt measures which would assure every man willing and able to work at a wage which makes possible a decent standard of living, and if he should be involuntarily unemployed of adequate income during this period of unemployment.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Assembly affirm its conviction that the amelioration of the condition of poverty of the old, the young and the sick is an obligation of charity, but of social justice, and urges that all programs of public assistance be formulated and administrated in a manner to assure utmost self-respect to recipients.