Farm Workers and Grape Strike

WHEREAS, like other farm workers, the grape pickers of California and Arizona do not enjoy the benefits of the National Labor Relations Act or other federal legislation mandating a collective bargaining process.

These grape pickers, among the poorest working people in our land of plenty, have appealed to the conscience of the country to support in their desperate struggle to secure a collective bargaining agreement with the growers of table grapes. We cannot stay indifferent to their appeal, nor to the right of other farm workers to a fair share of the fruit of their labors.


  1. to urge the Congress of the United States to extend collective bargaining rights to farm workers by an appropriate amendment to the National Labor Relations Act:
  2. to affirm its support for the grape pickers of California and Arizona by urging all its members and affiliates to join in the boycott of table grapes from those states until a collective bargaining agreement has been reached;
  3. to call on the Commission on Social Action to help all UAHC congregations and affiliates in the implementation of the boycott until such action is taken by the Congress of the United States.