Federal Constitutional Convention

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations, at its 48th General Assembly, applauded the United States Supreme Court's decision requiring fair apportionment of legislative bodies to conform to the principle of "one man, one vote'. We note that those who oppose these decisions have promoted passage of resolutions by 32 state legislatures, designed to urge or require Congress to call a constitutional convention with the object of providing constitutional permission for one house in a bicameral state legislature to be selected on some basis other than equality in population. Since the Constitutional Convention of 1787, no constitutional convention has ever been held and no amendment by the convention method has ever been proposed. Because such a convention might study and revise any or every article of the Bill of Rights, including the guarantees of religious liberty, and because we believe no need exists for such a convention, the basic concepts of the existing United States Constitution are fundamental to our democracy. The present method for amending the Constitution has worked well since the adoption thereof.


That we urge state legislatures which have not proposed the calling of a constitutional convention to refuse to do so, and that state legislatures which have so proposed rescind such resolutions.