Gratitude for the Report of Dr. Maurice N. Eisendrath Future Plans of Action for the Union

"The 39th Biennial Council expresses its deep gratitude for the magnificent report presented by the Director of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Dr. Maurice N. Eisendrath.

"Judged by the impression the report made upon the hearts and minds of all who were privileged to hear the searching analysis of the problems facing us and the prophetic pronouncement of their solution, it may be regarded not merely as a report but as a document of enduring significance from which the Union may draw guidance for the future of Reform Judaism in America. The Director is heartily commended for his notable achievement in outlining a program of action that will enable the Union to fulfill the aspirations and purposes which it has cherished for these many years.

"Furthermore, it is recommended that the Union proceed forthwith to the initiation of the following projects outlined by the Director:

"I. To establish immediately new congregations in every community where there is need for synagogues.

"II. To increase the number of regional rabbis so that the establishment of additional congregations and the expansion of our work may be furthered in every section of America.

"III. To seek the cooperation of management and labor for the establishment of labor synagogues in industrial areas. *amended to: "to seek the cooperation of management and labor, for the establishment of synagogues in industrial areas."

"IV. To expand our program of Institutes on Judaism for Christian ministers, teachers, social workers and civic leaders in urban centers and rural areas for the purpose of bringing to our neighbors a better understanding of the positive teachings of Israel.

"V. To launch a regular national broadcast in order that the message of American Reform Judaism may be brought to the homes of the nation.

"VI. To establish a National Commission on Social Action to speak and act on the basis of the prophetic teachings in matters affecting human relations in America and in the world at large.

"VII. To extend our youth program so that Jewish youth throughout the land may be encouraged to share fully in the activities of the Synagogue.

"VIII. To provide teacher training schools strategically placed in all sections of the country.

"IX. To undertake the mass education program through the widest circulation of popular literature as projected by our Commission on Public Information.

"X. To add new personnel in order to assist our present overburdened staff—and wisely to take thought for the retirement of those who have served the Union long and loyally.