Health Care and Health Insurance

Judaism teaches us that when there is a way to alleviate suffering, not to do so is to deny our responsibility to humankind. The question "Am I my brother's keeper?" has always been answered affirmatively by Jewish tradition. In modern society, which places a very high value on good health as a necessity for full participation in the benefit of our secular culture, the financial costs of medical care have risen to a level that effectively bars large numbers of people from relief from suffering. With this in mind, the UAHC supports the proposal that:

  1. In the United States there should be made available national comprehensive prepaid single-benefit standard health insurance with no deductible to cover prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in all fields of health care.
  2. This insurance should be made available to all on an equitable basis according to their ability to pay.
  3. Standards of health care service should be established and be continually reviewed by a board on which consumers are represented. Standards of licensure and professional competence should be continually reviewed by professional boards.
  4. Both private and government efforts should be made to enlarge the supply of health personnel and to make more effective use of all professional and paraprofessional resources.
  5. The rights of persons to choose among doctors should be assured. Equally, the rights of doctors to practice according to their judgment must also be assured, provided they meet the appropriate standards of competence and responsibility.