The spiritual mandate of our prophetic Judaism compels us to translate into reality the sacred idea of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. Judaism not only condemns all racial bigotry; it affirms the belief in the sanctity of man created in the image of God. Judaism thus places a moral responsibility upon its adherents to affirm the equality of all human beings as children of the One Universal God.

Aware of and sharing the increasing and justifiable impatience within the Negro community, we reaffirm our continuing support of our fellow citizens' just demand for complete human rights now.

We urge, therefore:

  1. A speed-up in the process of school desegregation throughout the country. All too often this process has been impeded by specious appeals for gradualism and by acquiescence in and submission to de facto segregation in our nation's public schools.
  2. The enactment of urgently needed legislation to safeguard human rights, implemented by the citizenry of our nation, bringing to bear on their representatives in Congress every appropriate persuasion to prevent filibuster and political expediency from defeating such legislation.
  3. The strengthening of interreligious and interracial programs of action in every community along the lines of the National Conference on Religion and Race.

The raising social revolution in which all Americans are now irrevocably involved makes clear that we must learn to live together as brothers if we are to live together at all.

In the final analysis, racism is a moral evil and not merely a legislative failure. It is, then, the people of America more than her institutions who now stand on trial before the bar of judgment. The decisive factor in bringing justice to all is what each of us does and feels and thinks. We urge the men, women, youth and children of our movement to do all that is in their personal power immediately to redeem the humanity of every American.