Interfaith Activity

We have reached a new turning point in American interreligious relations. Some, affected by events subsequent to the Six Day War, now counsel retreat and withdrawal from greater Christian-Jewish involvement. Others, rabbis and laymen in our movement, regard interreligious affairs as indispensable for the achievement of understanding in a pluralistic society. What shall be the response of our national movement to these conflicting demands and to this situation? Shall we withdraw from interreligious contact and activity? Shall we expand our efforts? Ar our present facilities sufficient?

Because of recent events, our own ambivalent attitudes and the changing nature of the needs,

We URGE that a special committee of our Board be appointed and, in conjunction with the CCAR Interfaith Committee, members of the Commission on Interfaith Activities, NFTS and NFTY, immediately undertake a searching re-examination of our present interfaith structure and program. Let this committee determine whether the present structure is still viable or in need of total revamping.