As Reform Jews, we affirm our obligation to become involved in issues affecting Israel's survival and to speak out with love and concern. The pursuit of peace is a religious commandment; it is an inherent part of our profound commitment to K'lal Yisrael and our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the State of Israel.

We have learned from our teachers that differences of opinion in matters of the greatest substance, in issues touching upon the meaningful survival of our people, are a source of strength rather than weakness.

We are aware that any disagreements that may be publicly expressed regarding Israel's policies might be used out of context by Israel's enemies and weaken the resolve of its friends to continue supporting it. Israel's cause is best served when its advocates offer it sincere, informed, critical and constructive guidance. Toward that end, we urge that means be found through existing or new structures to facilitate mutual consultation between Israel and Diaspora Jews.

The UAHC, together with its Zionist affiliates ARZA and Kadima:

  1. Is fully committed to the defense and security of the Jewish State and its Jewish people.
  2. Encourages all Jews to strengthen Israel by participating generously in campaigns that provide Israel with essential material resources.
  3. Rejects the canard that current Israel policy is the primary obstacle to peace. The main roadblocks to peace have been the actions of the PLO and the refusal of every Arab government, except Egypt, to recognize Israel's legitimacy.
  4. Stands firm in resisting all attempts to impose a solution without Israel's participation and consent or to use threats of reducing the United States aid package as a weapon against Israel.
  5. Strongly believes that the Camp David process, faithfully applied by all parties, offers the best available framework for the achievement of peace.

We pledge new vigor to the task of building an indigenous Reform movement in Israel and stimulating its expanded involvement in critical issues, such as the poverty and education gap and tensions among Jewish ethnic groups. We must reach out to the Oriental communities, which now represent Israel's majority. Even while renewing our commitment to the struggle for Reform Judaism's rights in Israel, we urge that our movement intensify its deep involvement in the ongoing task of building an Israel that is the fulfillment of the prophets' vision and the Zionist dream.