A Jerusalem Educational Center for Progressive Judaism

51st General Assembly
November l97l
Los Angeles, CA


I. Statement of General Principle

The ties between Reform Jews and the State of Israel have continually grown closer. In the process we have enriched our Jewishness and contributed a new option to the development of Israeli life.

What we have learned and what we have gained has made it clear that the time is now ripe for a major step forward in our Israel program -- the creation of a JERUSALEM EDUCATIONAL CENTER FOR PROGRESSIVE JUDAISM.

This Center will symbolize Reform Jewry's concern for Jerusalem and Israel. It will serve as a uniquely effective means of developing the two-way passage of Jewish thought and feeling between Reform Jews and Israelis.

II. Recommendations

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations herewith undertakes to:


  1. Establish an educational center in Jerusalem, housing the Israel program of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the offices of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.
  2. Erect this Center on a portion of the l2-dunam (3-acre) parcel leased to the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion's Jerusalem school by the State of Israel, on a site adjacent to the present campus.
  3. Solicit capital funds from selected individuals to pay for the necessary costs and to make possible the erection of appropriate facilities.
  4. Urge all congregations to develop a regularized framework for the solicitation of funds for the dollar-per-person campaign, either through special drives by congregational billing, or other effective means. Thus every Reform Jew in North America will be able to share in the upbuilding of Progressive Judaism in Israel.

III Conclusion

We view this not as a matter of organizational growth but as one of historic Jewish destiny. We have much to offer the State of Israel. It has much to offer us. The time has come to make the many possibilities greater realities.