Jews in the Soviet Union

American Jewry can no longer ignore the impending spiritual extermination of the Jewish community in the USSR.

The "quiet diplomacy" upon which many of us have relied to persuade the Soviet government to repudiate its policy of religious and cultural assault upon Russian Jewry has failed. The time has come for us to join with lovers of humanity and freedom throughout the world and to raise our voices in a might chorus of passionate protest against the spiritual genocide which the Soviet Union is inflicting upon our brothers and sisters. The Jews of Russia have the right to live as Jews, to worship as Jews and to preserve the intellectual and spiritual treasures of the Jewish tradition both for their own benefit and for the blessing of mankind.

The commandment Pidyon Shevuim, the redemption of the captives, is a religious imperative which we can ignore only at the peril of our own souls. We, therefore, call upon the UAHC to muster all of the moral resources at its command to labor for the emancipation of the Jews of Russia from the shackles of spiritual slavery.

We urge this Union to use every available medium to make known, both to its own constituency and to the rest of the American public all of the facts concerning the plight of Russian Jewry.

We ask that the UAHC either initiate or cooperate fully in an effort to bring all of the organizational element of the American Jewish community to a "common table" in a single great endeavor to focus world-wide attention upon the tragic condition of Russian Jewry and to assure the alleviation of that condition.

We call upon the leadership of the UAHC, whether alone or together with other appropriate leadership groups, to make such representations to the President of the United States, to the members of Congress, to the State Department and to the United

Nations as will bring the full force of American and international moral power to bear upon the Soviet authorities who are responsible for the brutal discrimination to which the Jews of Russia are subjected.