By-Laws Update on Dues

Adopted by the General Assembly
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
October 29-November 2, 1997 Dallas

ARTICLE X, SECTIONS 1 AND 2 of the by-laws
is hereby deleted and replaced by the following:


SECTION 1. Each constituent congregation of the Union shall be obligated to pay into the treasury of the Union, exclusive of the contributions made to or on behalf of the Union by its individual congregational members, by Welfare Funds, or from other sources, for each fiscal year beginning with congregational fiscal year commencing on or after January 1, 1998, an amount equal to the sum of:

  1. Eight (8%) of annual Clergy and Pulpit Expenses, General Service and Administrative Expenses, Building and Maintenance Expenses, and Religious School Expenses (the "Net Expense Base") of the congregation; plus
  2. A graduated amount per capita for each member unit (as defined below) of the congregation in accordance with the following schedule:
    For members 1-250 $10/member unit
    For members 251-500 $25/member unit in excess of 250
    For members 501-750 $30/member unit in excess of 500
    For members 751-1,000 $35/member unit in excess of 750
    For members 1,001+ $25/member unit in excess of 1,000

    less 10 percent (10%) of the total per capita amount calculated in accordance with the above schedule.

A member shall be defined as a billing unit. A billing unit is any single person or a family unit to whom the congregation extends the privileges of membership, whether or not such single person or family unit pays dues to the congregation. For purposes of determining the number of members of a congregation, the congregation shall include all members, except for those in the first year of a free membership and except for any other class of membership approved by the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 2. Each constituent congregation, as a condition of membership in the Union, shall submit to the Treasurer of the Union no later than ninety (90) days after the close of the fiscal year of such congregation the following:

  1. A report of the annual income and expenditures of the Congregation for the fiscal year just concluded, upon a standard form to be provided by the Union; or, at the option of each congregation, such report of its annual income and expenditures as is submitted to such congregation's membership or to its governing body; provided that such report contains at least as much detail on annual income and expenditures of the congregation as is called for in the standard form provided by the Union; and
  2. A list of names and addresses of all members of the congregation, complete and accurate as of the last day of such congregation's fiscal year.

The report of annual income and expenditures of the congregation shall be signed by any two of the following persons: the President, any Vice President, the Treasurer or the Executive Director of the congregation. The list of members shall be submitted with a statement attesting to its accuracy, signed by the President, or any Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary of the congregation and by the Rabbi of the congregation (or for those congregations which do not have a Rabbi, by another officer of the congregation).