Maintenance of Union Membership

Consistent with the recommendations of the Committee to Study the Proportional Dues Program, this General Assembly directs the Board of Trustees of the UAHC and its Committee on Maintenance of Union Membership

  1. To re-evaluate its present guidelines for the operation of our dues program and to develop and disseminate such new criteria as may be required to provide for equitable treatment of all our congregations. At the same time, we urge development and dissemination of bases for granting dues relief to our member congregations with special emphasis on encouraging the purcuit of excellence in religious education and programming as well as the problem of congregational deficits. Our goal as a movement is first and foremost to strengthen our member congregations and to strengthen national institutions as well.
  2. The MUM committee shall be instructed to publish immediately, and annually thereafter, a roster of the member congregations which will include congregation size, the financial contribution to the UAHC, and the degree to which this contribution complies with the 12% annual dues assessment. Where the contribution is less than 12%, the principal reasons for noncompliance shall be listed.
  3. To implement input from the congregations and exchange of information on a regional basis, we urge regional meetings of congregational presidents and vice presidents to help develop the criteria for equitable treatment of our congregations.